Survival Air Rifles

Nearly all survivalist and the public generally have a tendency to consider air rifles as toys or training weapons. Since the toy like BB and pellet guns intended principally for the youth market, it’s easy to realize why the majority would come to such a conclusion.

However the fact of the matter is, several air guns have been built and designed to the point where they are more precise and longer lasting than good number modern firearms at ranges below 35 yards, with a few of the better ones attaining velocity of more than 1,000 fps (feet per second); Making it a choice as one of the best survival gun.

Ammo can be purchased cheap and can be stocked up for a long time taking up little space. The weapons call for little in the way of conservation or maintenance and are likely to work better and shoot more accurately after extensive handling.

Being silent air guns will not alarm game in the area like firearms would. Typically you only get one good shot at the critters and the rest scamper out of the area. With an air rifle, they will just keep doing whatever they were up to before you fired the shot, permitting follow-up shots on the remaining animals. Maintain your targets to animals no bigger than cottontail or fox squirrel and prey can be taken plainly with one shot.