Review: Eversafe Civilian MREs

If you’re in the market for MREs, you’ve likely tried many different kinds. You may have expectations on your MREs and do a lot of research before you purchase them. This review is for the Eversafe MREs.

Eversafe is manufactured by Wornick. They are on the market with an entirely new and updated menu selection. This is their 4th debut. The newest Eversafe MREs are now comparable to the military MREs and offer plenty of nutrition and calories for anyone.

They offer a great variety of options and they’re really affordable. One of the complaints about their earlier menus was that they didn’t have enough cheese and peanut butter options.

According to those who dine on MREs and keep them in stock, Eversafe offers the best variety as well as the highest calorie count of all of the other brands. The calorie count is nearly that of the military versions of MREs (which have plenty of calories for hungry troops to keep going when the going is tough).

They also offer up a great combination of the main entrees as well as side dishes and they all have water, coffee and coffee creamer in every package.

Eversafe MREs

Wornick is one of three companies that have developed MREs for the military. They are the first producers of the Civilian MRE. They stopped producing the MREs for a time and in the year 2005, they re-emerged under the name of Eversafe.

They redesigned their product and it’s now a pouch based product that’s in line with other similar MREs brands. They have all of the safety features that other MREs have and are easy to heat up and eat.

Unfortunately, you can easily become confused regarding Eversafe’s MREs. If you’re seeing these on eBay, you may be looking at older versions of the product. These are still edible, however, you don’t know when they were made until you receive your product.

Keep this in mind when ordering and if at all possible request the date that they have on the packaging. It should be 2009 or later. Anything prior to that date are earlier versions and Eversafe recommends that you pass on those.

Eversafe MREs come in 12 meals per case box. If there are only 10 meals per case, these are also older meals and should be avoided. Keep in mind that you want the freshest product possible.

Once you’ve purchased your MREs, you should know that the government has assigned them a 5-year shelf life. While the products may still be nutritious after this time, they are considered to be losing their quality and should be avoided. Always plan to eat your MREs within the first 5 years that you purchase them.

Pros Of Eversafe MREs

Delicious entrees that are nutritious as well as healthy. They have 6 menu options including spaghetti, lasagna, chicken with noodles, chili (with beans), chili with macaroni, and spicy penne pasta.

Each meal comes with either a health food bar or crackers depending on the entree.

They also come with either peanut butter or cheese spread depending on the entree.

If you’re into cinnamon you’ll love the cinnamon imperials in every MRE package.

Serving sizes seem to be very generous and no one complained that there wasn’t enough to eat.

They also come with coffee and creamer and a French vanilla or Irish cream cappuccino drink.

Every package comes with a spoon, salt, and pepper.

They’re very affordable and it’s easy to stock up on extras for your emergency kit, camping trips or hiking trips.

The meals come with an FRH (flameless ration heater).

You can buy them directly from the company or one of their resellers.

Cons Of Eversafe MREs

Many people purchase their MREs from sellers who aren’t selling fresh products. Always check your dates and never buy from sellers who aren’t selling you quality products.

Some users have complained that they are lacking in variety. It would be very nice to have more variety of food choices in your MREs. The biggest complaints were pasty gravies and no variation in the fruit portion of the meal.

Another complaint was that the cappuccino doesn’t come with a cup and if you didn’t bring one, you’re out of luck. Be sure to bring your own cup and plan ahead.

If you’re stocking up on MREs for your emergency kit or a doomsday prepper kit, you’ll want to keep in mind that the government’s assigned shelf life is only 5 years. Rotate your stock and make sure that you’re always using it up in a timely fashion. While the product may still be good after the 5 years, the quality will be going down and you’re less likely to enjoy the flavors of them.

A few meals have not had the flameless ration heater in them. Be sure to check yours before you embark on a trip and will need it. If you don’t have the heater you’ll have to find an alternative means to heat your meal and that may not be conducive to your trip.

The overall consensus of other reviewers is that these Eversafe MREs rate a 3.7 out of a possible 5-star rating. They’re healthy and nutritious and ideal for backpackers, campers, and emergency preppers who wish to stock up on emergency food supplies. Just make sure that you’re buying your Eversafe MREs from authorized dealers for best results.